Hants Group has diversified to cater to both industrial & household segments through its consolidated product range. The company was established in 1981 by its founder Hubert N. Anthony and has been growing as a family business since then.

Hubert N. Anthony & Sons (Pvt) Ltd has been producing high quality Polyurethane foam products and the comfort range includes Polyflex mattresses, cushions, sheets, sponges and also Hants Innerspring Mattresses, for the retail as well as to the hospitality sector. The company also diversified into the manufacture of automotive seating and is also the sole distributor for Shearling moulded furniture in Sri Lanka.

Lanka Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd caters to the industrial segments, marketing its Expanded Polystyrene products under the brand name, Styrofoam. The range of products includes Moulded Packaging for Electronic & Electrical appliances, Sheets and Insulation for pipes, panels, walls and floors. Moulded fish boxes, containers, fishing floats and a range of decorative products including Styrofoam Balls and Cake Structures . Paper pulp is the latest product manufactured by Lanka Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd.

Union Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd imports and distributes the entire range of Wilton Cake Decorating equipment from USA and is the Sole Distributing Agents for Wilton in Sri Lanka & Maldives. We are also the only source authorized to conduct certified Wilton Method Cake Decorating Classes in Sri Lanka through their Wilton trained instructors. Union Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, is also the distributor of Knightsbridge PME (UK), Kopycake (USA) and Guypaul (UK) range of cake decorating equipment.

Chairman's Message

As family owned and managed business we have grown to become one of Sri Lanka’s most successful businesses thanks to our wealth of manufacturing industry experience, spanning over 35 years. We have always sought to strengthen the Group with business and learning values as well as R&D within a strategic vision since its inception. Hants Group was established in 1983 by my father late Mr. Hubert Anthony along with my siblings. We started the journey by manufacturing Polyurethane foam and today we manufacture Expanded Polystyrene and Paper Pulp products as well. Our aim at Hants since the very beginning has been to provide quality products accompanied with good service.

Quality, safety, service, and innovation are the cornerstones on which we built our business and we believe the growth and prosperity of our business is through the creation of this. To continue growing, we seek to promote sustainable development and positive interaction with society and the environment. The people behind Hants Group have contributed to its success today and their hard work and dedication will continue to drive us forward. We continue to place great importance on our values of integrity, accountability, honesty and respect while focusing on making our workplace and our community more attractive, supportive and inclusive.

Thank you

Ajantha Anthony